Coral and a Pop of Orange Wedding Shoot with Lady Grey | August 15, 2014

Every once in a while you meet someone in life  you just instantly click with. Well, that was Lady Grey for us.

Her sparkling personality and shimmering way about her was just all too much fun. She was like a human sparkler. Ok maybe we are going too far here but you get the picture. She truly shines.

When our photographer friend Kelly Saure told us she was coming to CA all the way from Virginia, we just could barely handle it.  And then when Summer jumped in, we knew something pretty was about to happen. So naturally, we piled the car full of flowers, strapped our luggage on the top and headed down to LA to make it happen. And oh boy we were so glad we did.

Thank you to our wonderful team who collaborated with us!

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Styling and Creative Direction: SUMMER WATKINS of Grey Likes Weddings


Floral: Yours Truly




Gown: Gown: “Devotion” by CLAIRE PETTIBONE

Calligraphy: JENNA RAINEY

Carrie Moe

Flowers from the Field | August 14, 2014


It’s a habit that I am training myself into as a forager, and I am so thankful for my new eyes.  Let me explain:

Many times in the past I have often walked by perfectly good wildflowers and greenery, dismissing them as brush or weeds, and have said, “There’s nothing good in the field with which to work.”  I would then proceed to jump into my car only to pay for gas to drive too far a distance to pick up hothouse flowers.  These often at least would partially wilt in the car on the drive back home.  Yes, miserable.  Time and time again I would be disappointed that I even tried to get “good” product and was mad at myself in general.  It was quite the disaster, and no one was happy.

0725_03 0725_04

It wasn’t until last year when I made a conscious effort to keep my eyes to the ground that I started seeing with new eyes the beauty that lay around me.

It took a while to uncover the beauty and often took hard work, but it’s truly amazing that after a little while, flowers and greenery started to pop out at me which I had formerly dismissed.  It was simply a matter of pulling the weeds away to see the beauty growing underneath, or pushing that branch aside to find the blooms not scorched by the sun and working a little harder to find those elusive blooms just further up the hill.  Now I feel like I am finding beauty everywhere.  Under that rotten log where that lovely moss is growing or hiking a little higher to find a daisy patch to lay in… beauty often takes work to discover.  It’s often a very ugly process to find it and many times you feel like you will never obtain it.  There are thorns to overcome, mud to step into, and a few branches to climb, but if you push on, you will grow a new pair of eyes to see.  It’s out there… it just sometimes is hidden.  Thanks to my new eyes, I can happily say that this bouquet was foraged straight off our property.


flowers in the field

Carrie Moe

Final Giveaway | August 06, 2014


And now ladies and gents…we are ending our two week long celebration of our new brand with the biggest and grandest giveaway yet. We like to say here at The Society, “Do it Big or Go Home”  so we are ending our celebration with a real big BANG!

Since we love a touch of prep, the key and lock Kate Spade necklace and bracelet was a perfect gift to give you. We almost didn’t give it up, we loved it so much! We threw in a Mason Bar Tumbler,  Basilwood soaps and TA DA…..that Instax Mini 8 you all love so much! A lot of you wanted it on the last giveaway and so here is another chance to win it!


Giveaway picture copy

1. Basilwood farm milk goat soaps.  For the Garden and Caeden’s Choice. Caedens choice is amazing. You can use it on your face and don’t need any moisturizer since it is so rich and feeds your skin with the Avacado, almond, Shea and Palm oils in it. Did I say it’s AMAZING?! I think its my favorite soap out of all Jill makes.

2) Kate Spade Key Bracelet. Here is the link in silver. Value $88.

3) Kate Spade Lock Necklace. Value $99

4) The Mason Bar Company Tumbler with “The Reagan” orange lid and pink straw.  I am sure you know by know how much we love our tumblers from The Mason Bar Company. I always have one on my counter and wanted to share them with you. Plus it’s cool that they are located just 8 mins away from my house.

5) Again that Intax Mini 8. Value $70


Here is how you enter our last giveaway.

1) Like our new Facebook Page here

2) Style 3 Type A things in your house and tag @type.a.society with the hashtag #TypeAsocietygiveaway. That’s it!

Winner will be NOT be picked randomly so you can earn extra points by tagging as many friends as you want in our giveaway post on our Instagram feed. You can tag friends everyday too. The best styled Type A things and the person who shares us the most with their friends will be the lucky winner! Ready…..set…GO!

Winner will be picked Monday the 11th 10AM PST.

Carrie Moe

Type A Society – Who We Are | July 31, 2014

Please don’t mind us as we  put up our feet, pop a bottle of champagne, and have cheers all around.  The process of re-branding has kept us busy for months and months and we are SO happy to see it finished!!  We have celebrated for a week -and-a-half and would love to officially introduce our entire team to you.

Photography by Josh Gruetzmacher


Carrie Moe

I am the owner and founder of Type A Society which was formerly known as Fleurish Events.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend.  I couldn’t imagine my life without my family or my work.  I am most at peace in nature but never want to miss a good party.  I founded Fleurish Events in 2009 as a creative outlet and it blossomed into something much more than that.  It has now become Type A Society.  A place where creative dreamers who love details, people, and planning can come together to make a moment in time something out of the ordinary.  Something magical… something that will last forever in people’s hearts.  I thrive on creative energy and love to surround myself with likeminded creators.  My house is not perfect; it’s usually a mess with some project I have started, and I rarely make by bed.  But, I can tell you the Pantone numbers of my top five peach colors or the flowers that grow in August in Nor Cal.  I hope we can inspire you to live your life fully and beautifully here at Type A Society.



Kelly Moore

Kelly is our Creative Director and stylist.  With over 11 years of visual retail management, she packs a big punch.  This girl does wonders with power tools and a hammer.  There is nothing she can’t build or make, and we mean that.  13 foot life sized tree? No problem!  15 foot hand illustrated ceremony backdrop?  Done!  She is like an cartoon action figure in real life. A bunch of dust and chaos surrounds her and then BAM!  Something beautiful is done in record timing.  Water color, flea market finds, dip dying linens are a few of her passions.  I am fortunate to call her a dear friend as well. We have been creative sidekicks for a while now before she joined Type A Society, and I love this girl dearly like a sister. She came up with so much of our new brand and poured her self into every picture on our site. Wife, sister, and daughter, she is loyal and sincere to the very last fiber of her being.



Veronica Rogers

A published artist and mother.  This girl knows color like the back of her hand and can throw a party together flawlessly on a whim.  She was born and raised in an Anthropologie (not far from the truth) and has a killer prep-meets-bohemian style.  With her little sweet daughter and husband Sam, she runs her house with such ease and manages all of our East coast weddings, and holds the fort down with such grace. Phew! Yes, she has all of those job descriptions.  Our East coast backbone and planner, one we could NOT do it without.  Repeat.  COULD. NOT.  Besides being an insanely talented planner she has a heart of gold and is a true friend.  Before I met Veronica, her reputation preceded her.  Before I moved back to California, I kept hearing from people about this amazing wedding stylist in DC that I needed to meet.  It never happened and I moved to California without meeting her.  Long story short, after many “interviews”, flights back to VA, skype conversations, and good laughs over the phone, this girl was snatched up.  We love this girl so very much!


So that is us!   We are Type A Society.

Carrie Moe

Introducing Kelly and Giveaway! | July 25, 2014

Most of you know Kelly by now..if you follow us on Instagram  you probably have seen Kelly Nicoletto Moore pop up a few times on our feed. Kelly has been a dear friend of mine for ages. I have known her and her amazing family since high school.

When I got engaged, Kelly stepped forward and offered to do my wedding flowers for free. Yes, you read that right..she offered to do them out of the goodness of her heart pro bono. She had already thrown some of my friend’s bridal showers that were stellar, so when she offered to do my flowers, I was ecstatic. I was only 21 at the time coming off of traveling, missions and going to college full time, so I had no money to put into my wedding. Like none. Kelly took my small budget and whipped out something amazing. She grew the wheatgrass, then found a handyman to make these amazing wood boxes to fit the wheatgrass into and placed gerbera daisies in a vase in the middle of the grass. My wedding took place in the middle of a garden with a slight picnic theme and she made it  something out of a magazine. It fit my garden wedding perfectly. I never forgot what she did for me. After that, I moved to Virginia, while Kelly stayed in California and we lost touch of each other. Meanwhile, I was hooked on weddings and started to do weddings after weddings after weddings on the east coast.

After working for various wedding planners and florist for 4 years in the DC area, I started Fleurish Events which has re-branded now to Type A Society. Meanwhile Kelly had started working for a wedding planner in San Diego. Fast forward a several years and I made the move back to California and the first person I got into contact with was Kelly.

Since then, we started doing weddings together and collaborating on shoots, all the while having way too much fun at it! Kelly is half the Type A Society brand and walked every step of the way through the branding process helping shape it into what it is today. She went with me on every single photoshoot and designed our tablescapes with such ease. Countless hours were spent together driving back and forth between San Francisco and Sonora to meet together to finalize the logo, colors, ideas etc. I love this girl like she is family and today I am so happy to announce that she is coming onto the Type A Society team for keeps!!!!!!!

Kelly is stepping into the business as the role of other Creative Director and Stylist. You can only imagine how happy this makes my heart!  Welcome to the team Kelly! We love you so very much!

Kelly and I

So in honor of Kelly coming on the team we are giving away some things that she loves personally and uses everyday. See below.


1) We love the company  31 Bits and totally stand behind what they are doing in the world by helping women in Uganda provide for their families by making fashion forward jewelry. We are giving away the Fleur Bundle necklace.

2) Water Color paper and 3) Water color kit. Kelly watercolors for fun every week as a way to keep her creativity going. She has her watercolors in her car 100% of the time since she finds inspiration everywhere.

3) Intax Mini  with the film kit and batteries included.


To enter the giveaway here is what you have to do.

1) Follow us on Instagram and tag a friend in the giveaway picture on Instagram.

2) Leave a comment below that you have entered.





Carrie Moe