Flowers from the Field | August 14, 2014


It’s a habit that I am training myself into as a forager, and I am so thankful for my new eyes.  Let me explain:

Many times in the past I have often walked by perfectly good wildflowers and greenery, dismissing them as brush or weeds, and have said, “There’s nothing good in the field with which to work.”  I would then proceed to jump into my car only to pay for gas to drive too far a distance to pick up hothouse flowers.  These often at least would partially wilt in the car on the drive back home.  Yes, miserable.  Time and time again I would be disappointed that I even tried to get “good” product and was mad at myself in general.  It was quite the disaster, and no one was happy.

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It wasn’t until last year when I made a conscious effort to keep my eyes to the ground that I started seeing with new eyes the beauty that lay around me.

It took a while to uncover the beauty and often took hard work, but it’s truly amazing that after a little while, flowers and greenery started to pop out at me which I had formerly dismissed.  It was simply a matter of pulling the weeds away to see the beauty growing underneath, or pushing that branch aside to find the blooms not scorched by the sun and working a little harder to find those elusive blooms just further up the hill.  Now I feel like I am finding beauty everywhere.  Under that rotten log where that lovely moss is growing or hiking a little higher to find a daisy patch to lay in… beauty often takes work to discover.  It’s often a very ugly process to find it and many times you feel like you will never obtain it.  There are thorns to overcome, mud to step into, and a few branches to climb, but if you push on, you will grow a new pair of eyes to see.  It’s out there… it just sometimes is hidden.  Thanks to my new eyes, I can happily say that this bouquet was foraged straight off our property.


flowers in the field

Carrie Moe