Our Team

Carrie Moe

Carrie Moe

Owner and Creative Director (Merced and San Francisco, CA)

Forager, mother to two miracles, ardent flower maiden, artisan of atmospheres, hostess maven, travel adventurist, grateful daughter, wife to a mountain man, sister to three, sincere, and loyal

She could be found decorating and throwing tea parties for her baby dolls at the age of six, so you could say she was born with the party bug. After working four years for various florists, wedding planners, and corporate firms in the Washington, DC area, she went on to complete her education in Event Management and establish Fleurish Events in 2009, which has grown and gone on to become the successful brand of Type A Society, founded in 2014. When asked, she won’t admit that she color-coordinates her closet or carries around an old-fashioned day-planner, and she may or may not have painted one wall of her room five times to find the right color of grey. There has never been a flower she hasn’t liked and her husband, on many occasions, has been politely asked to “STOP THE CAR!!” so she can forage some wild flowers that have caught her eye.

Her work has been featured in The Knot, Brides, Cottage Hill, Magnolia Rouge, People Magazine and more. She is passionate about encouraging creative entrepreneurs to build authentic brands that strive to serve their fellow man and create beauty in a sometimes ugly and dark world.  She has been asked to speak at creative conferences about how she has built Type A Society on a shoestring, from the middle of nowhere to be well recognized and respected in the industry.

Veronica Rogers

Veronica Rogers

East Coast Director, Stylist (Arlington, VA)

Abstract artist aficionado, mixed-medium maven, relationship management master, mama to two cute mooshes, wife to Sam, and published painter who loves to rock out while cultivating creative curiosities.

With a keen eye for design and a passion for people, Veronica showed early signs of her stylist spirit way back during her finger-painting days. Growing up in a family with two artistic parents, she was raised on Saturday morning flea market trips & colorful family parties. Graduating with a Masters in Social Work in 2010, she took her love for helping people and combined it with her life-giving passion for creating beauty and began crafting unique events and weddings. By merging her counselor’s heart and artistic talents, she brings a unique approach to wedding planning and styling that leaves her clients feeling like the finished product was a true representation of them and their brand.

The projects she has led have been published in top magazines from Brides to Weddings Unveiled. She’s creatively directed a major ad campaign, planned luxury weddings, and has styled her way into the wedding world. More than anything she thrives on the relationships and trust her clients give her in allowing her to come in and plan an event to display their love. She finds her inspiration by digging deep into people’s stories and creating bespoke works of art through telling those stories in any medium she is working within- from a party to a painting.

Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore

Co-Creative Director, Stylist (Chicago, IL)

Color enthusiast, pursuer of beauty, hoarder of tabletop elements, a dreamer and a doer, memory maker, wife to a philosopher, and a sister to two

At the age of 15, Kelly had the opportunity to decorate for her very first wedding in a friend’s backyard. She foraged every last bloom in her next door neighbor’s garden which provided the most naturally beautiful décor. This led to a lasting tradition, one that eventually earned her a set of keys to her neighbor’s garden. With 11 years of combined experience in visual merchandising and retail management, Kelly has a love for styling everything from food to wardrobe while maintaining a keen eye for detail and establishing a strong visual aesthetic. It’s a common occurrence to find Kelly scouring the flea market at 6am in the morning for that one treasure she knows will be the perfect addition to a wedding tablescape, or to find her hand dying her own ribbons because the ribbons out there are not “quite the right color.” She sees the complete image when designing an event, and the walls of her house often take on the form of a life-sized inspiration board. Naturally this makes her the other Creative Director for Our Society.

Chiara Sill

Chiara Riggs Sill

Executive Planner (Central California)

Wins the “Most Type A” award in our Society, checklist guru, risk-taker, world traveler, a closet foodie, addicted to fluffing pillows and perfect place settings, queen bee of efficiency, mother to Sinclaire, faithful wife and friend.

Chiara packs a punch with over a decade’s experience in event planning and etiquette in the US and abroad.

After graduating from Vanderbilt University, she began her career in San Francisco managing venues at the Embarcadero Center. Desiring to make an impact, Chiara joined the new University of California Merced to lead special events, from the chancellor’s VIP fundraisers to university ceremonies. Accompanying her husband to Washington, D.C., she planned high profile events for the Capital’s premier caterer, Occasions Caterers. Having caught the travel bug, she then moved to Sydney, Australia where she worked for the American Australian Association building strategic corporate alliances between the countries. Last but not least, she recently earned a degree in international etiquette and protocol from the renowned Swiss Institut Villa Pierrefeu.

Phew! Now you understand why we say, she packs a punch!