Curated Celebration | July 19, 2014

This was a very fun little “birthday” bash we put together in early spring. Anytime we can collaborate with cool companies like Freshly Picked Moccs and Ladida, a fashion forward kid’s clothes company,  we jump at the chance! We decided to throw a little shoot/party in early spring when everything would be green and fresh on our property. All of the kids came dressed in their best spring outfits from Ladida and we sat them under the trees at a little table that I styled just for the children. They had strawberries with cream and a cupcake and then went running around the May Pole to get their energy out. It was adorable site to see, one that I will never forget. We even had a large white bunny and little chicks for the kids to pet. How can you go wrong with bunnies, baby chicks and babies? Right?! Seriously, it was one of the cutest and most adventurous party/shoots I have ever done!

Earlier that week my father-in-law went tromping through the property to a barn that he stores all sorts of cedar slabs in and found these amazing thick cedar planks that were wide and study enough to make into a table. We measured out each board carefully before we made the cuts and then hammered everything together. After the sawdust settled there was a kid size picnic table with two benches. So adorable huh?! It’s now sitting on my back deck where I keep all of my potted herbs and plants on.

Thank you to Calikatrina for the knit leg warmers, Glam Fete for the amazing tassel above the table and a huge shout out to the wonderful Jodi Mockabee for taking the pictures and pitching in your time and energy!

It was a good party indeed.

DSC_1245 DSC_1019 DSC_1020 DSC_1307 DSC_1396 DSC_1446 2014-07-19_0005 DSC_1505


Carrie Moe