Editorial and Product Styling

Seeking stunning images for your website?  Have a product you want the world to fall in love with?  Want to share your brand in a powerful and impactful way?

Let us help you tell the world your visual story through our styling expertise.  With over 13 years of visual retail experience and a deep portfolio, we have styled AD campaigns for clients like Ritz Carlton, Claire Pettibone, Berta Bridal, Mrs Box, Trumpet and Horn, and more.  Elevating brands, sharing their story, connecting them to their audiences through ingenious styling is our Type A expertise.  We undergo a full brand review, research your audience, roadmap your desired outcome, and put together a visual storyboard of your campaign.  From there we gather and source props, design floral installations, pull wardrobe, scout models, build sets, and produce one-of-a-kind editorials that elevate your brand.  We have a wide range of experience in styling editorials for many different looks and our work is known for it’s clean aesthetic and fresh perspective into the wedding, hospitality, and fine art product world.  Would you like to jump on a preliminary call to get a custom quote for your next product editorial?  Having worked with brands from all over the world, styling workshops, runway shows, cover shoots for magazines, and uplifting photographer’s portfolios across the nation, we would love to work with you too!  Drop us a line!


Hourly Product Styling

Are you a small creative business seeking big brand images with a small scale budget? Are you getting started with your brand or re-branding and don’t know where to start?  If you are interested in having your product or portfolio refreshed and don’t need a full blown ad campaign, we offer hourly styling rates. We love storyboarding, styling your social media images and creating a deep impact while being efficient with your budget is our passion.  After our initial phone call with you, we pull from our prop studio, source new materials, and then send you the design draft for your approval. After your confirmation, we finalize the shots and then style and shoot your items in our in-house studio.  The process from start to finish can be as fast as a one to two week turn around time depending on how many shots you may desire for your website, social media, and marketing material needs.





Each wedding we design and plan, we seek to create a pause in time where you and your guest enter into a different world  that is exquisitely ethereal.  We are most interested in connecting fine art ideas to details in every day real life in ways that are completely unique and timeless.  Weddings and events can be truly magical as they are one of the only things left in life that allow art and peoples' stories to interact with normal life.  We attract a timeless and artistic bride who has a great style of her own and is interested in our full planning package, full design package, or styling-only package.  We work together with our couples by drawing out their stories and then placing personal touches into the comprehensive design. We are very Type A when it comes to your wedding and get fully involved with the plan, design, and style of each one of our events, so we take on a limited number of clients each year.  We have planned and designed weddings all over the United States as well as internationally and have managed all sizes of budgets.  Connect with us at hello@typeasociety.com or on our contact page.



One-on-One Mentoring

We are thankful to get so many inquiries for collaborations and coffee dates, and while we wish we could do it all, we are narrowing our focus to strategic one-on-one mentoring calls!  We will take a look at your portfolio, review your brand and social media outlets, and mentor you through the re-branding process.

In one year we were thankful to grow our business rapidly and gain industry respect through some simple steps in branding and marketing that we would love to share with you!