Type A Society – Who We Are | July 31, 2014

Please don’t mind us as we  put up our feet, pop a bottle of champagne, and have cheers all around.  The process of re-branding has kept us busy for months and months and we are SO happy to see it finished!!  We have celebrated for a week -and-a-half and would love to officially introduce our entire team to you.

Photography by Josh Gruetzmacher


Carrie Moe

I am the owner and founder of Type A Society which was formerly known as Fleurish Events.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend.  I couldn’t imagine my life without my family or my work.  I am most at peace in nature but never want to miss a good party.  I founded Fleurish Events in 2009 as a creative outlet and it blossomed into something much more than that.  It has now become Type A Society.  A place where creative dreamers who love details, people, and planning can come together to make a moment in time something out of the ordinary.  Something magical… something that will last forever in people’s hearts.  I thrive on creative energy and love to surround myself with likeminded creators.  My house is not perfect; it’s usually a mess with some project I have started, and I rarely make by bed.  But, I can tell you the Pantone numbers of my top five peach colors or the flowers that grow in August in Nor Cal.  I hope we can inspire you to live your life fully and beautifully here at Type A Society.



Kelly Moore

Kelly is our Creative Director and stylist.  With over 11 years of visual retail management, she packs a big punch.  This girl does wonders with power tools and a hammer.  There is nothing she can’t build or make, and we mean that.  13 foot life sized tree? No problem!  15 foot hand illustrated ceremony backdrop?  Done!  She is like an cartoon action figure in real life. A bunch of dust and chaos surrounds her and then BAM!  Something beautiful is done in record timing.  Water color, flea market finds, dip dying linens are a few of her passions.  I am fortunate to call her a dear friend as well. We have been creative sidekicks for a while now before she joined Type A Society, and I love this girl dearly like a sister. She came up with so much of our new brand and poured her self into every picture on our site. Wife, sister, and daughter, she is loyal and sincere to the very last fiber of her being.



Veronica Rogers

A published artist and mother.  This girl knows color like the back of her hand and can throw a party together flawlessly on a whim.  She was born and raised in an Anthropologie (not far from the truth) and has a killer prep-meets-bohemian style.  With her little sweet daughter and husband Sam, she runs her house with such ease and manages all of our East coast weddings, and holds the fort down with such grace. Phew! Yes, she has all of those job descriptions.  Our East coast backbone and planner, one we could NOT do it without.  Repeat.  COULD. NOT.  Besides being an insanely talented planner she has a heart of gold and is a true friend.  Before I met Veronica, her reputation preceded her.  Before I moved back to California, I kept hearing from people about this amazing wedding stylist in DC that I needed to meet.  It never happened and I moved to California without meeting her.  Long story short, after many “interviews”, flights back to VA, skype conversations, and good laughs over the phone, this girl was snatched up.  We love this girl so very much!


So that is us!   We are Type A Society.

Carrie Moe