Amonie Luxe Ring Boxes

by typeasociety
Blue flatlay with a dark blue wedding ring box in center surrounded by seashells.

Sally- Owner of Amonie Ring Boxes

Amonie is inspired by the romance of a bygone era, Amonié was established to provide contemporary brides with the boîte à bijoux (ring box).

This Amonie wants to create heirlooms that are treasures for generations to come. They handmake their boxes in the most gorgeous velvet with a circular shape that made styling them easy. This Australian company is creating a buzz in the wedding industry and has photographers and brides swooning over their stunning velvet ring boxes.

We shot this in LA in a studio and created in a space that we could make the styling brief come to life. Sally wanted to have an ad campaign that went beyond what other ring box companies were doing. We wanted to create something that felt timeless while bringing in fresh colors that were inspired by the boxes. I am so glad we finally got a chance to write about our styling of these truly beatiful one of a kind ring boxes. They have become a favorite of mine for flatlays and are the perfect box to display wedding and engagement rings.


  1. First phone call to go over what outcomes and desires Sally wanted from the images
  2. Pulled images for inspiration and made a mood board and deck to base the shoot off of
  3. Interviewed various photographers we felt were right for the job, hired the right one.
  4. Had the ring boxes sent over finalized what the creative direction was for the images
  5. Went over the timeline and shot list thoroughly with the photographer
  6. Brought in all the props and styling mats to create the flatlays
  7. Shoot day! Saw what we dreamed up come to life!

Services= Production and prop styling