You climbed the mountain, booked your clients, burned the mid-night oil but seem to keep spinning your wheels. Feeling frustrated and ready to reach new levels you never dreamed of? How do you know you have "succeeded" and when will you make that infamous six figures steadily? You want to break into the luxury market but how? All of these questions swirl in your head....deep breath. You've got this (with a little direction from us)!


Start somewhere! But where?

You've heard it before, don't compare your beginning journey to someone -else's middle but what happens if your always feeling like your stuck at your definition of beginning?  Believe me, I've been there and felt that too. After paying off $100,000 of debt, starting two businesses (one a failure and the other a success) reaching that infamous 6 figure mark, booking my ideal clientele in Europe and traveling the world, I have learned a thing or two about branding and business. If you want to learn the inside tips and tricks of what it's like to scale but also keep your priorities straight, I am here for you.


Get coaching sessions per hour with side by side hands on work experience learning.

Portfolio Reviews: 

After learning how to break into the luxury market, let us review the images you are putting out into the world

Hands on Learning Editorial Sessions: 

Let us put together a high end luxury market editorial that you can learn all of styling skills and also take the images for your own portfolio.

Money Mindset: 

Break through the money road blocks you have formed and reach new levels of income you've never dreamed about

Time for Change

Your Goals
Your ideal Clients
More Money
Your Dream life

What People are Saying

a cut above the rest

"I needed beautifully styled images for our website and social media to increasing customer conversions on our site and help us stand out in a crowded field. I chose Type A Society because HELLO she’s the best!!! Anyone who knows anything about the wedding industry knows that Carrie is a cut above the rest in terms of styling. Her work is TRULY unique. She’s a bellwether in the industry that sets trends (and basically gets copied by everyone else). One year later I'm still using all of the amazing imagery I got that day- for social, emails, website, and sending it to magazines in our PR efforts. The gift box market is getting super crowded, but she has helped us stand above!!"

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