Claire Pettibone Editorial in the NYC Prince George Ballroom

by typeasociety

Claire Pettibone The Gilded Age Fall 2016 Couture Bridal Collection from Claire Pettibone on Vimeo.

“Beginning with mood boards, and ending with a full runway presentation and photo shoot, Type-A Society beautifully interprets my vision and tells the story of my brand. Always a pleasure to collaborate with this talented team!”

– Claire Pettibone 

We loved working with Claire Pettibone for not one, not two, but three of her Ad Campaigns. I know this campaign was a while back, but it was truly one of our favorites, and I have not blogged about it yet, showcasing the amazing video.

Claire is truly a unique artist in that every single gown she designs, she creates from a completely new and unique perspective. I count it as an honor to have been able to work with her, see the inside of her studio, and sit at her design table. Furthermore, look over the hand-sketched drawings of her upcoming gowns.

Claire has been in the wedding and intimate lingerie wear for over 14 years and has always presented the most amazing gowns season after season. This first runway/Ad campaign show we designed for Claire was inspired by the Victorian elements of the Prince George Ballroom in NYC. Our team of four set up the floral sitting display where the model sat and we had the most fun creating a messy, decomposed floral look inside of the ballroom. 

I remember this day because I literally went from working all week long on a massive workshop in California; to taking a red-eye that night, got off the plane and walked right into doing the Ad Campaign for Claire in New York. It was a career highlight for sure, and I am so grateful for my team doing a lot of the heavy lifting on this event. 


  1. Moodboards laying out the vision
  2. Posing and coloring inspiration we passed along to the photographer 
  3. Floral styling, pick up, floral conditioning and creation of floral set 
  4. Scouting and collecting of antique furniture to fit perfectly in the ballroom 
  5. Set up and tear down 

“When I design a collection I strive to make a woman feel as special as the delicate creation she is wearing; take her to an enchanted time and place where women are princesses and magnificent goddesses. In today’s modern world we need to pause and indulge in beauty.”
— Claire Pettibone


Claire Pettibone wedding dress on blonde model with tossed hair. Sitting in chair looking intense.
Claire Pettibone wedding dress on blonde model with tossed hair.
Claire Pettibone wedding dress on blonde model with tossed hair. Sitting on chair with greenery around in natural style.
original Inspiration
Posing ideas