Teak and Twine Ad Campaign That Increased Sales

by typeasociety
Light pink flatlay with giftbox with items. Around the box is flowers and flower pots.

  Torrance- Owner of Teak and Twine

“I needed beautifully styled images for our website and social media to increasing customer conversions on our site and help us stand out in a crowded field. I chose Type A Society because HELLO she’s the best!!! Anyone who knows anything about the wedding industry knows that Carrie is a cut above the rest in terms of styling. Her work is TRULY unique. She’s a bellwether in the industry that sets trends (and basically gets copied by everyone else). One year later I’m still using all of the amazing imagery I got that day- for social, emails, website, and sending it to magazines in our PR efforts. The gift box market is getting super crowded, but she has helped us stand above!!”

Teak and Twine is the one stop place for beautifully unique and incredible personal gift options without having to go hit the stores yourself.

This incredible company has made such a massive splash in the gift box industry and has brought beauty to the idea of what gift giving means. With a side of business savvy and a massive dose of hard work, she has created a company from the ground up that employs so many and brings in massive revenue each year.  Teak and Twine client list includes Google, Facebook, Microsoft Dropbox, ESPN and American Express to name a few. It was a deep honor to work with Torrance for not just one season but two and bring fresh colors and vibrate styling to her boxes.

Her first AD Campaign she was still growing her business while balance being a young mother and we used the sun room in her house to shoot and style the images. I loved seeing her utilize her space by turning a living room into her storeroom and answering phone calls and running the business with such grace. For her second AD campaign, I got to visit her in her massive new warehouse with a growing staff. It was truly a delight to see her company scale and grow so quickly with such success. If you are looking for Christmas gifts right at your fingertips or wish to send a custom gift at the snap of a finger, this company is incredibly professional and will deliver in record time.  What we did for Teak and Twine.

  1. Initial phone calls to learn about their clients and what the product line would look like
  2. Gathered inspiration and put it into a mood board and creative deck
  3. Interviewed various photographers we felt were right for the job, hired the right one.
  4. Put all 32 boxes in the new line a shot list and made a timeline for the day
  5. Went over the timeline and shot list throughly with the photographer
  6. Shopped for all of the props and gathered the appropriate foliage and florals
  7. Traveled to the Teak and Twine studio
  8. Shoot day! Made some marketing Magic

Services= Production, Prop Styling, Floral Styling

Outcome- Over 100 stunning images that brought double the revenue